MADDi – (Maddi Ogden) – Kansas City Recording Artist

A lifelong love for singing guided MADDi to Lollapalooza and a stage with Portugal. The Man. In that moment, belting vocal runs to “We are the Champions” in front of 40,000, her path as a performer was routed. After years of performing in live music venues, December Snow is MADDi’s first studio track release. Learn more about MADDi

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She’s Not Me

She’s Not Me begins to display the attitude of MADDi. Driving guitar and upbeat whistle guides you through the story and emotion. MADDi’s a Badass, don’t get her confused with anyone else, the song sends a warning, but is bouncy and fun. The song has a great movement to it and an anthem like quality that will get listeners shouting the verses as well as the chorus.

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December Snow

Don’t judge the track by the name, December Snow has summer flavor with soulful lyrics that paint images of ocean waves and themes of hope and renewal. Featuring bluesy guitar riffs, haunting organ and lyrics and a hook that that draws you in… and don’t forget that voice.

“finding a way to keep sane, and counting back from ten”

“pushing down moving through waves, falling under this ocean gaze, well it just won’t keep you away for that long”.

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Blu illustrates a story with vivid lyrics and a classic blues throwback rhythm. Melting vocals brings this song over the edge. It’s an easy add to the playlist, for when you need to rock your head along to some raw blues to get you through.

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